Jun 28, 2003

np: "moses? i amn't" - mogwai
another semi-disappointing release by Mogwai. not awful by any means, just not exactly what i was hoping for. of course, we can't expect them to go on making Young Team and Come On Die Young over and over for the rest of their career, but this just doesn't leave me with the sense of overwhelming awe that those two albums did. or maybe it's just the recent discovery of some of the Constellation releases, like Do Make Say Think or A Silver Mt. Zion. both of those bands gave me more of an emotional journey than Mogwai has been giving me recently. maybe it's just me, but i don't see any of those epic post-rock bands or albums as the type of thing that will "grow" on you. either they hit you immediately on the first listen, or they don't. i still remember the first time i heard Aegitis Bryjun, i just sat in the dark, breathless. of course not every album is going to do that to you, but i was hoping for a little more out of Mogwai this time around.

Jun 27, 2003

np: "section 1 (have a day/celebratory)" - the polyphonic spree
ok, so i just bought this one. i know that doesn't make me hip, since it's the re-release and not the original label one. but, i did get it for $7.99 and it came with a bonus 4-track disc. so that makes me happy. this stuff makes me feel so... so... happy, but like i'm gonna have a sugar comedown when it stops. sort of like The Flaming Lips on acid. wait, that's been done. by them. ok, like The Flaming Lips on grape Kool-Aid on a warm summer day in the park. with white robes instead of furry suits. yeah, that's it. and no blood.

Jun 26, 2003

np: "the size of our love" - sleater-kinney
everytime i pull out some S-K for listening, i always wonder why i don't do it more often. i didn't discover them until All Hands on the Bad One, but since then i've gone back and discovered the back catalog. someone needs to tell the Hot Topic teens that this is real punk made by real women, but i don't think all those Avril clones would understand. their loss.

so i decided to try my hand at writing another review, this time for the new Radiohead. i still don't feel as strong about my reviewing skills as i would like to, but i figure the only way to improve is to by continue writing them. and i feel that the writing is wasted without feeling that it's out there for others to read. so here you go, have a read if you'd like.

Hail to the Thief

Synthesis is the name of the game this go-round for Thom Yorke and the rest of Radiohead with the new album Hail to the Thief. There was little left for the band to prove to it’s audience, other than proving another great album was in the works following the unheralded streak of the last four. A lot of speculation surrounded this album, would it be a return to the rock based sound of The Bends as Thom had been saying (threatening?) in interviews, or would it throw the band’s sound even further into left field? The answer to both questions was a resounding… sort of. This album somewhat combines the soaring, epic qualities of the earlier work, while still retaining the sonic tweaking the band explored so well during the Kid Amnesiac period. But most of all, this album manages to prove that Radiohead is still one of the most exciting acts producing albums on a major label today.
Things kick off with “2 + 2 = 5”, a soaring track that builds slowly upon a computerized beat only to rage into full on rocker mode complete with real-life drummer Phil Selway. Thom warns us that “it is too late now / because you have not been paying attention” as the track almost veers out of control. The world is spinning out of control, but there’s nothing we can do short of sandbagging into a hole and hiding. While this isn’t exactly a overtly political album by the band, there are numerous subtle references to world events of the past 3 years right from the get-go. The lead track ends abruptly and takes us into the next two tracks, which serve as an excellent example of Radiohead’s skill at sequencing tracks. “Sit down, Stand up” ends with Yorke’s plaintive wailing about the raindrops falling, and “Sail to the Moon” rides on the waters in a giant ark to the moon.
Salvation isn’t to be found that easily, as Yorke makes it perfectly clear that we aren’t to escape the earth that easily. Evidence is erased and liars are being eaten alive as the innocent abandon hope to bunker down and protect their children. “Go to Sleep” and “Where I End and You Begin” speak to the paranoia of both the world at large and the narrator himself. It’s not made clear to whether it’s the evil government or personal demons coming to get us, but either way there is nothing we can do but try and survive. The middle tracks speak of good times ruined at weddings by drunken fools and sirens waiting to devour the innocent foolish enough to get too close. There is no salvation to be found anywhere, as Thom tells us in the lead single “There, There”. “We are accidents waiting to happen”, he warns, despite the title’s misleading clues of soothing. The remainder of the album only adds to this sense of fear and paranoia, “A Wolf at the Door” closes things off with the demons of the world at the door, but they haven’t gotten in just yet.
Lyrically, this album is one of Yorke’s strongest efforts since 1997’s OK Computer, with this album sharing that one’s sense of epic scale and excellence at setting a mood. Except this time, the enemy is not just technology but the world at large. Overall, this album relies more on a sense of strong song-writing, and less on the sonic trickery of the last two releases. While the Pro Tools beats and fidgeting are still present, they are more often repressed throughout Hail to the Thief, allowing the band to prove what can still be done five men still banging away on old-fashioned instruments. You’ll hear the previous mentioned drumming as well as Colin Greenwood performing actual (gasp!) guitar solos. What the album accomplishes best though, is the establishment of a mood, one that the listener can twist in nearly any way to relate to real life. While Thom’s abstract lyrics aren’t forcing an obvious political view down your throat, he is still waking you up to feel the paranoia.
The only disappointment that may be found in this album is the fact that the band really doesn’t try anything that new or original with their sound this time. While they are able to combine all of the strengths of the previous albums, it still lacks a certain feeling of precedent setting that usually comes with hearing a new Radiohead album. While there may not be single outstanding tracks such as “High and Dry” or “How to Disappear Completely”, this one manages to successfully create and establish a feeling from beginning to end. Hail to the Thief is better experience in one sitting, as a complete whole, rather than in bits and pieces. It falls short of the instant-classic status of OK Computer and doesn’t push far enough to sonically amaze like Kid A, but it certainly proves that Radiohead can still create a satisfying album that echoes the unnerving state of the world. And really, what else can we ask for in these days of disposable teen idols and forgotten next month party anthems?
np: "is she really going out with him?" - sugar ray
not as horrid as i was afraid that cover was going to be, but nothing to get all excited over. for some odd reason there seems to be one track from each Sugar Ray album that i completely adore, and it's usually one of the big singles, "Every Morning" or "Answer the Phone". i can't stand to sit through an entire album, but every now and then they've got a decent hook for a nice summer day.

so, what exactly is up with the California Music Awards? Green Day as Outstanding Group and Artist of the Year? all that for releasing a B-sides comp last summer? seems with the groups that actually did something worthwhile last year, they could have found someone more deserving. not to hate on the Green Day though, i'll still take any praise for them over the recent pop-punk any day. just not sure why 2002 was such a banner year for them in the minds of the Cali Awards people.

speaking of things i just don't get, why is it so wrong for the hipsters to just let the rock and roll be fun? this review of the Exploding Heart's Guitar Romantic makes them sound evil for being derivative. so what? it's honestly one of the most fun albums i've heard in awhile. sure it lifts directly from Joe Jackson, the Buzzcocks, and every other late-70's power-pop group; but does that have to be such a negative thing? "Sleeping Aids and Razorblades" and "Modern Kicks" are still bouncing around my head, those razor-sharp hooks ripping through my brain.

i got a quick listen last night of the new Guided by Voices album last night, sounds pretty solid after one spin. nothing stands out as particularly great, although "Apologize in Advance" and "The Best of Jill Hives" seemed to have struck a chord as they are the two i can remember offhand. it seemed to strike me that Bob is heading in the same '70s-rock direction that Malkmus took the Jicks on Pig Lib earlier this year. could the new Foriegner be far behind? although, after seeing this pic, i gotta wonder if the Mods are coming back instead. still, thats a great publicity photo.

Jun 24, 2003

np: "cicatriz esp" - mars volta
oh my god, is this album amazing. album of the year candidate for sure. i'll need some more time before i can get a more cohesive review up here, but i just had to share some of my early thoughts after about 4 listens. it's like they took all the promise they showed on the Tremulent EP and multiplied it a thousand fold. i am very, very impressed with this release.
so i broke down tonight and paid the buck a pill to get some Claritin, let's hope it works better than the cheap shit i was using before. i swear, today was the worst i have ever suffered from allergies before, and according to weather.com, the pollen count wasn't even all that high. i swear they just get worse with age.
np: "flowers" - the clean
allergies suck, can i just throw that out there? they were late coming in this year, but boy are they making up for the lost time. my nose is going to be rubbed raw soon enough. and i need a nap.

Jun 18, 2003

np: "big black car" - big star
one of the most underrated pop bands of all time, everyone should know and love the music of Alex Chilton. i was first exposed to his stuff through the Evan Dando cover of "The Ballad of El Goodo" on the Empire Records soundtrack. after a little digging for info, i read about Third/Sister Lover, and since then it's become one of my favorite albums to listen to when i'm in the mood for some old school pop. highly recommended if you've never heard of Alex Chilton. i mean, come on, how bad can a guy be if he gets a shout-out from the 'Mats?
in other music news, i'm going to see Placebo on July 9th at the Metro here in Chicago. my friend from Atlanta is a huge fan and he's flying up to see them, and taking me with. i've heard a lot of people say good things about this band, but i can't say i've ever really heard all that much by them. maybe the live experience will convince me to check out more of their work. plus, it's never a bad thing to see a show at the Metro. i love that place.

Jun 16, 2003

np: "the man comes around" - johnny cash
i admit that i am way behind in checking this guy out. the horrid nu-country that all the kids in my high school listened to scared me off of all country music back in the day, and unfortunately it kept me from discovering some amazing artists. thanks to my dad, i started listening to Waylon and Hank several years ago, but i just never got around to the Man in Black. i had read lots of articles about him before and i've always respected him, but i alwasy seemed to forget about him when i was in the record store. anyway, i got ahold of American IV today... and all i can say is "damn". if this is what the man sounds like now, i have to go back and check out his earlier stuff. this is what true, American country sounds like.

Jun 14, 2003

np: "jacknuggeted" - manitoba
so i finally sat down and wrote a long-form album review of this. the first review i've written in years, didn't quite turn out as i had hoped, but i'm gonna post it for the hell of it. comments are always welcome.

Up In Flames

How many albums truly evoke the moods of a season? Sure, you may associate certain albums with certain times of the year due to repeated listens in a short timeframe, but how many albums upon first listen automatically take you that certain time? A select few are able to pull such a feat, but none as well or as distinctly as Manitoba’s Up in Flames. The man behind this album, Dan Smith, is able to perfectly reflect and transport the feelings of a lazy summer day directly to your ear from the minute you push play.
“I’ve Lived On a Dirt Road All My Life” kicks things off with a loud cacophony of various orchestra instruments as distorted vocals begin to float over the top of a slowly building beat. You begin to be reminded of an early 90’s shoegazer band, complete with vaporous vocals and droning guitars. But ever so peacefully, you start to notice your mind relaxing and floating away with the music. You get a sense of swirling excitement, anticipation of the day as it breaks. Excitement is in the air, although you can’t quite put your finger on why. The feeling continues over the next couple of tracks as flutes, saxophone, handclaps, frogs, birds, and a whole host of other sounds transport you through the summer air.
By the end of track three, “Hendrix with KO”, you are floating with the breeze and soaking up everything the earth has to offer on a beautiful day. As you are settled into the groove and letting the music just carry you onward, “Jacknuggeted” (the album’s first single), comes along and sends you soaring even higher into the atmosphere. You start to notice the first audible lyrics of the album and realize that this summer day isn’t just about fun and enjoyment, there’s also a sense of bittersweet loss mixed in. “I met you, then fell apart / Nothing more than a broken heart”, a voice whispers in your ear as you float through the clouds. But it doesn’t sound sad, it sounds as if the beauty of the day is slowly washing away the sadness of the night before and reassuring you that all is right with the world. Then the chorus comes in, sounding like a lost 1960’s summer classic complete with the “do-do-do-dos”.
Suddenly you realize that the beautiful day is passing you by and you haven’t accomplished anything more than floating around without a care. You have to find something to do so the day doesn’t feel like a waste. The ticking clocks and xylophones gently remind you that the time is passing and the day is to be lived, not just observed. Excitement swells through “Bijoux” as your mind races with the possibilities. Do you go for a swim? Call up some friends to enjoy this beautiful day with? There is so much joy to be pulled from the day.
As the album wears on though, you realize that you want to keep this feeling forever and you let it just wash over you, carrying you further into the sky. You float further and further as the beat carries you higher into the sky, but the sounds of dogs barking and children playing in the distance keeps reminds you that the earth is not too far away. Slowly you can sense the afternoon passing by and the evening begins to fall. You speed higher and faster as “Crayon” fades into the final track, “Every Time She Turns Round It’s Her Birthday”. You see a picnic below you, the track begins to slow down and ease you to the ground. A lazy melody encircles you as you join your friends at the picnic below. As you settle back to the earth, you get an overwhelming sense of wonder and excitement. The day has taken you all over the sky, now where will this warm summer evening take you? Gentle flutes break up the rapid beat that matches your excitement. Synths and distorted, distant vocals slow your heart back down and allow your mind to reflect on the day. It comes to a complete lull as you embrace yourself and the world around you, feeling enlightened for the journey you’ve been on. Suddenly you realize the journey isn’t over yet, as the rapid beat returns accompanied by floating sax fills that propel you into the setting sun, filled with the memories of a beautiful summer day.
This album contains a little bit of everything, but it’s balanced in such a way that the feeling of ease and serenity never completely leaves you. Manitoba has managed to create the perfect soundtrack to a lazy summer afternoon, whether it’s the first time you are hearing it or the hundredth. There is humanity to be found in laptops afterall. And perhaps even the perfect summer day.

Jun 12, 2003

oh yeah, big thanks to Phantroll over at Waking Ear for the help with the comments. go check his site out, much love for the Think Tank talk today.
np: "house of jealous lovers" - the rapture
finally. one of those arty-dance-punk bands that actually makes me want to get up and dance, especially this song. i am definately going to have to go check them out next time they come through. i got ahold of Echoes today and i am enjoying it immensely. i've been on a downloading spree tonight trying to check out some bands that i've heard a lot about but have yet to hear... Do Make Say Think, Four Tet, and Stars of the Lid mainly. i guess that's what reading fakejazz will do for ya. i was surfing through their album review archives and i was stunned by the pretty horrid critique they gave of Kid A. i don't know if they were trying to prove how "indie" they can be by trashing the hell out of it, but give me a break. yes, it is very derivative of the countless post-punk/IDM/what have you bands that have been doing that type of stuff for years, but it's also one hell of a good album. i mean, people had been doing pop stuff years before Pet Sounds, but that doesn't make it any less of an amazing album. not to say that Kid A is a modern day Pet Sounds, not yet anyway.
so i'm having a quandry about what to get my dad for Father's Day. he wants jeans. i'm not kidding, that's all he has told my sister, brother, and i that he wants. but that doesn't exactly sound exciting. i'm tempted to get him some more music since his collection is pathetically small, but he really doesn't ever listen to music. it's weird. i know he used to be into music when he was younger, he had a pretty decent record collection from what i remember. which he unfortunately got rid of just before i was old enough to stop him. anyway, the last cd i bought him was the ultimate Aerosmith collection thing, which he seemed to enjoy immensely, but my sister says he only breaks it out when he pulls the 'Vette out of storage. whatever. so i think i may end up getting him some fishing stuff. always a safe bet, but i am completely clueless when it comes to that kind of stuff.
np: "apple bomb" - deerhoof
this is a new band to me, i had remembered seeing the name in Pitchfork's year-end list last year, but i didn't get around to checking them out until the new album after hearing about it on a couple of message boards. this track is easily my favorite on the album, starts off slow and calming with some high-pitched "ba ba ba ba"s coming in, until the rest of the band just kicks in full force for a bit, then it just as abrubtly shifts back into the slow groove of the first part of the song. the loud part comes in as a total jolt once you have resigned yourself to the slightly off-kilter vocals and settled into the groove. then just as you are feeling the rocking out and get your head nodding a little - you're dropped back to the start as the track comes full circle. ok, i'm not the greatest in the world when trying to describe songs that appeal to me, just check it out for yourself.
in other music-related news, i compiled my list of the best albums of the first half of the year today. yeah, i'm a little early... but i don't see myself getting and having time to fully digest any more albums before the end of June. plus i just had the time to do it this week, and there's no telling when i will have this kind of time again. it was a difficult process, as i had over 60 albums to choose from this year - much higher than usual. so i humbly present to you my Top 40 for the first-half of the year:

40. The Sea and Cake - One Bedroom
39. The Music - S/T
38. Cat Power - You Are Free
37. Aerogramme - Sleep and Release
36. The Microphones - Mt. Eerie
35. Ani Difranco - Evolve
34. Rainer Maria - Long Knives Drawn
33. The Sounds - Living in America
32. Marilyn Manson - The Golden Age of Grotesque
31. Arab Strap - Monday at the Hug and Pint
30. The New Pornographers - Electric Version
29. Yo La Tengo - Summer Sun
28. (Smog) - Supper
27. The Libertines - Up the Bracket
26. Stratford 4 - Love and Distortion
25. Dead Meadow - Shivering King & Others
24. Deerhoof - Apple O
23. The Blood Brothers - Burn Piano Island, Burn
22. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Pig Lib
21. Alkaline Trio - Good Mourning
20. Xiu Xiu - A Promise
19. AFI - Sing the Sorrow
18. Cursive - The Ugly Organ
17. Lightning Bolt - Wonderful Rainbow
16. The Postal Service - Give Up
15. Grandaddy - Sumday
14. Wire - Send
13. Calexico - Feast of Wire
12. 50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Trying
11. Notwist - Neon Golden
10. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Hearts of Oak
9. Exploding Hearts - Guitar Romantic
8. Prefuse 73 - One Word Extinguisher
7. Songs:Ohia - Magnolia Electric Co.
6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever to Tell
5. Manitoba - Up in Flames
4. White Stripes - Elephant
3. Blur - Think Tank
2. Radiohead - Hail to the Thief
1. Zwan - Mary Star of the Sea

a few comments. i could have easily made a case for Blur or Radiohead at the top of my list, but as of right now the Zwan album still hits me in a way that the other two don't. i'm sure things will shift a little as all of these soak into my brain over the second half of the year. two recent albums i've gotten ahold of that could have made a strong showing would be Mogwai's Happy Music for Happy People and Mars Volta's De-Loused in the Crematorium, but i'll just have to save those two for the year end list. i really wish i knew how to add a Comments thing on here so i could get some feedback, but i'm not quite sure how to go about that. if anyone can help me out (if anyone is still reading), send me an e-mail at jon830@yahoo.com and help a brotha out.

completely un-related to music... i got an e-mail from the girl i met the other night. she wants me to meet up with her and her friends Saturday night, i'm really looking forward to it. despite the fact that i've got a minor crush on this girl, her friends are hilarious and they were fun to be around last weekend so it should be a good time.

Jun 10, 2003

np: "paperbag writer" - radiohead
one of the few bands out there that still manages to blow me away with the B-sides. the two on the There There single are no exception. i've been listening to all of my Radiohead B-sides tonight, simply amazing. does Thom ever write a throwaway song?
in honor of Radiohead B-sides.. here's a list of my favorite bands with the best B-sides, in no particular order.

Radiohead - word.
Smashing Pumpkins - The Aeroplane Flies High box set alone attests to this, some of the best Corgan-penned tracks ever haven't seen an album yet.
Oasis - one of those bands that doesn't waste the B-sides on complete crap. also the only band that i have bought every import single they have ever put out. the tracks have been getting slimmer with each succesive album, but there is still some amazing songs buried on the flipside.
Ride - another one of my obsessions lately, these guys put out some pretty excellent B-sides.
Blur - also a very talented B-sides band, but they tend to get a little more experimental on those tracks. rarely is it a bad thing though.

i'm sure there are a few more i am forgetting, but that's a pretty decent list right there.
np: "nothing better" - the postal service
i love this album. i love this song. i love the interplay between the guy and girl. sometimes i wish girls would provide me with charts and graphs as to why they don't want to stick around me, that could prove useful. and the line "you heart won't heal right/if you don't stop ripping out the sutures" is perfect. so until i get home and can envelope myself into Radiohead, it's been a glitch-pop kind of afternoon - Notwist, Postal Service. i think i'll follow this up with some YLT, Summer Sun in fact. a good album for a day when the sun can't fully decide whether it wants to be out or not.

Jun 9, 2003

np: "how to disappear completely" - radiohead
how much more psyched could i be about Hail to the Thief? answer - not much. i tried to hold out on listening to the leaked tracks, but i failed miserably. and despite having already listened to it numerous times, i'll still be heading out to pick it up tomorrow. i haven't been this excited for a new release since the Zwan album back in January. i've talked to a couple 'Head fans who have said they are disappointed in this album. how? are they even listening to the same album? maybe it's not as "experimental" as Kid A or Amnesiac, but lyrically i think Thom is at the top of his game. the themes and imagery on this album create such a sense of paranoia and gloom that i can't help but be enveloped by it every time i listen. i'm a big fan of the album already.

Jun 7, 2003

np: "pinch" - can
Tago Mago and Ege Bamyasi are two excellent albums. i've yet to delve any deeper in the Can library because i doubt either of these albums will be topped by anything else they've done. the roots of post-rock right here, if you ask me.
so i'm heading off to the heart of the city to go vinyl shopping tomorrow and i decided to make a couple mixes to accompany my journey, the results:

Post-Everything (for lack of a better title)
Vol. I
1. The Horror - RJD2
2. Ox Out the Cage - Cannibal Ox
3. Apple Bomb - Deerhoof
4. The Taut & Tame - Tortoise
5. Killing All the Flies - Mogwai
6. Dirty Pants - (smog)
7. But the Regrets Are Killing Me - American Football
8. Off the Rail - Notwist
9. You're Gonna Miss Me - 13th Floor Elevators
10. Dusty Nothing (live) - Dead Meadow
11. Anthrax - Gang of Four
12. Atmosphere - Joy Division
13. The End - Les Savy Fav
14. I'm a Pretender - Exploding Hearts
15. Yes, I Am Talking to You - Cap'n Jazz
16. In This City - Enon
17. Kanga Roo - Big Star
18. Surface Scratch - Calla
19. Else - Built to Spill

Vol. II
1. Liquid Courage - Pretty Girls Make Graves
2. Myxomatosis - Radiohead
3. East's Last Heart - Songs: Ohia
4. Run - Spiritualized
5. Jus 1 Kiss - Basement Jaxx
6. Earth-Shattering Event - Cex
7. Hermann Loves Pauline - Super Furry Animals
8. The La Song - Supergrass
9. Timorous Me - Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
10. Lonesome Cowboy Bill - Velvet Underground
11. Bob Dylan's 49th Beard - Wilco
12. Good Deeds - Owen
13. Black Path - Aerogramme
14. Apologizing to Mystery - Fog
15. Oh Yeah - Can
16. Sound & Vision - David Bowie
17. Why I'm So Unhappy - Dntel
18. Lonstocking - Lightning Bolt
19. Henry's Revenge - June of '44

should provide me with a decent soundtrack for the day....

Jun 5, 2003

np: "purify" - metallica
yeah, i said Metallica. holdover from my youthful days i guess. the "St. Anger" single about completely turned me off of this album, but i still decided to give it a try tonight. and the verdict is....... meh. it's not the "return to glory" it's been hyped as, but i really didn't expcet Ride the Lightning/Master of Puppets all over again. but they did move away from the Load/Reload direction, which is a good thing in my opinion. not that i was one of those people who freaked when they cut the hair, but those albums took that dorection about as far as it could go. the playing on this album is fucking incredible at times - especially on "Purify", but James has lost quite a step in his vocal abilities. it's as if he singes every song, even the harder ones, in that slower "Turn the Page" rasp instead of the rage of his early days. granted, the guys getting up there now, but this album would be about 10,000 times better with the old James singing.
speaking of new directions, Jewel. what the fuck? i've had a weakness for Jewel ever since Pieces of You, call me crazy. her last album wasn't all that exciting, but this was really not the direction i was hoping she would head. 90% of the new album is backed by beats and programming, a huuuuge departure for her. but, oddly enough, it almost works. she does manage to sound a whole lot more fresh than she has in years, but i'm not exactly sure if it's a freshness that i particularly enjoy. for what the pop-oriented songs they are, i'll gladly listen to this over Sheryl Crow or Avril any day, but i'm gonna miss the sensitive folkie.

Jun 3, 2003

np: "rome" - les savy fav
another band from the past couple of years that originally managed to escape my attention, but that i've discovered lately. i like to think of it as sort of the bridge between Fugazi/Jawbreaker post-punk stuff and Hot Hot Heat/Liars disco-punk sort of stuff. horrible descriptors i know, but it's the way i like to categorize these bands when i find the need for categorization.
nothing much else going on tonight, so this will be a relatively short post. i really wish i had something exciting to report, but what can i say? it was a monday. but a change is in the air, i can just feel it. maybe it's just the weather though...

Jun 1, 2003

np: "dead souls" - joy division
such a great song. i also really like the NIN cover from the Crow soundtrack, but Ian Curtis still really delivers on the original. i've been diggin' on the Division a lot these past couple of weeks. very depressing, i know, but it sort of helps to put things in perspective in a weird, twisted sort of way. things could be a whole hell of a lot worse right now. i've also been big into Ride this weekend. i picked up Going Blank Again, the Smile EP, and the import version of Nowhere that includes the Today Forever EP. great great stuff, i've been meaning to pick these up since i got OX4 last year and this was the first time i've found them all for a reasonable price. from what i've heard, i can skip out on Tarantula and still be quite satisfied. i've also had Carnival of Light for some time, so i've now got the car changer filled with Ride for this week's commute.
i didn't end up going to the Interpol/Enon street fest thing tonight - one, because i didn't feel like going alone and two, because it was fucking cold out today. i'm not sure i would have enjoyed it as much freezing my ass off outside. it really needs to start warming up so it can feel like summer.
well, i'm headed off to bed, i need to get to work early tomorrow and i'm just plain exhausted tonight after a long day of nothing much at all.