Jun 6, 2006

06.06.06 - The Number of the Beast

Since it's almost mid-day and the world is still functioning as usual, I'm assuming that you're all safe and sound and no apocalyptic catastrophes have struck you on this supposed day of the devil. More like a lame marketing gimmick that people like those responsible for The Omen remake or the new AFI album will benefit from. As far as I'm concerned its just another grey Tuesday here at via//chicago, although I'll probably give Reign In Blood a spin before the day is out, just to take part.

I am excited for one new release today, and that is the debut LP from Nashville's Be Your Own Pet. I've heard two singles from the band so far and I'm on the verge of declaring them my favorite new band of the year. This is what rock and roll is all about folks, hyped up kids making a noisy racket. And apparently Thurston Moore agrees, as he's taken them on for his Ecstatic Peace label. I'll be looking forward to checking them out at Lollapalooza this summer.

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