May 29, 2005

np: "abel" - the national

so yeah, i'm still slacking majorly on updating this thing. it'll get better once the living situation gets settled and work slows down - i promise. in the meantime, just a random bunch of thoughts from the past couple weeks:

- the new Weezer is nowhere near as bad as most people would lead you to believe, i'm finding it a pretty decent driving album in fact (maybe second only to that fantastic new Spoon album). we all know we aren't going to get another Blue album, let alone another Pinkerton, so how about just enjoying this one for what it is? i could really do without "We Are All On Drugs" though.

- on the subject of new albums, chalk up both the new Ryan Adams and Nine Inch Nails albums in the 'much stronger than expected' columns. but unfortunately you can drop that hotly anticipated new Ponys' album, Celebration Castle, into the 'minor disappointment' column. maybe it'll grow on me over time, but this one pales in comparison to Laced With Romance after the first couple spins.

- those damn Brits do it again. Coldplay was kept off the number one slot this week because of some mobile phone ringtone advert involving an anatomically correct animated frog covering the theme song to a 1980s American film. how fucked up is that? not that the new Coldplay was all that great anyway, Amerie should have been the one bowing atop the charts. but much love for the Gallagher boys as they hit number one with "Lyla" last week. Britpop ain't dead, yo.

- speaking of Britpop, how fucking tight is that new Gorillaz joint? the single, "Feel Good Inc", featuring the boys in De La is smoking hot - but i'm all about that team-up with MF Doom. good ol' Metalface and Damon on the same track? pinch me.

- gotta use this space here to give a shout-out to my boys and girls in StarLike Collision for the kick-ass show last week at Double Door. there was a reason they put you on last. for those of you that haven't witnessed the glory of SLC in person do yourselves a favor - click on the link in thier name, check out the show dates, and go see some fine rock action at one of thier many Chicagoland shows. you might even spot members of another hot Chicago band in the crowd.

- my reviewing gig at the excellent Static Multimedia is still going strong, so check out some of my recent reviews of Ash, The Hold Steady, The Kills, and the awesome rockumentary Dig!

and with that, i leave you for the time being. oh yeah, go check out The National. peace.

May 11, 2005

np: "i can't win" - the strokes

i know, i know, i know. almost a month without updates, i'm sorry. the main reason is my current living situation. the lease on my old place ended April 30th and my new one doesn't start until June 1st, so in the meantime i've moved in temporarily with my girlfriend. that has gone really well and i'm having a great time with it, but it has left much less time for things like blogging. i promise to get this thing really cranking along again soon, most likely after June kicks in. a big thanks to anyone who's still been checking in for updates.

in the meantime...

Modest Mouse - The Lonesome Crowded West
Modest Mouse - The Lonesome Crowded West

What essential indie rock album are you?