May 30, 2009

np: "Crying" - Yngwie J. Malmsteen

Yeah, hell yeah, Yngwie. The Swedish maestro himself is currently tossing fiery licks and riffs into my pleased eardrums. How can you resist something with a cover as awesome as that pictured above? I mean, facing down that three-headed dragon with only a guitar and a frighteningly flexible squat? Balls of steel man. I had planned to spend part of this weekend diving into the rapidly growing pile of demos sitting next to me, but the pile of ultra-cheap vinyl I picked up last night is instead sending me straight into a world of eighties metal - the previously mentioned Yngwie, Krokus (Headhunter), Metal Church (The Dark), Helloween (Walls of Jericho), and Judas Priest (Unleashed in the East)! I also picked up the second album from gothers Bauhaus, but I'm saving that one for later. Don't want dour Mr. Murphy ruining the buzz from Malmsteen's tasty licks.

The blog has been on another long hiatus, I apologize for that, but things have been hairy between work and preparing for my ARE (first exam June 24th, wish me luck!) - so I promise to try and update this thing at least a couple times of week. Hopefully I'll also have some exciting news about a new writing outlet, but more on that as it materializes.