Sep 6, 2006

Where'd You Go?
I'm sure you've noticed my complete lack of updates over the last month or so, well... any of you that are left bothering to check back now and again. Well, here's the deal... I've been really stuck as to how I wanted to approach this blog and what goals I'm hoping to achieve. I really love(d) having an outlet to say something about the music I'm listening to and enjoying from time to time, but I'm not sure how great of a purpose via//chicago is/was serving. There are quite a few blogs out there that are much, much better connected than I am and are more apt to bring you the most up-to-date, late-breaking, hipster-world shattering news. There's a hundred better blogs with which to get photos of the latest small venue Band of Horses show, or Zach Braff gossip, or latest indie-rap beefs, or to download those ultra-rare 1970's Venezualean folk nuggets. So what can this little blog add to the online world that would be of value to someone? And here's where you, loyal reader (and I do probably mean that in the singular), come in... let me know. What would you like to see via//chicago do in the future? What did you like about it in the past? What features have you caught here before that you'd like to see more of? Seriously, help me guide this blog in a direction that will be satisfying for all of us. Either leave a comment or hit me up at jon830 (@) yahoo (dot) com. Take out the spaces and parentheses until that address makes sense. And look for a relaunch later this fall.