Apr 5, 2005

Slop From The Pops: UK Pop Chart 04.03.05
i've decided to take a new format starting with this week's SFTP, since the old list format was a little too cumbersome on the page and quite a bit more time-consuming for me. this new format should also make for an easier read for all of you people, more of a summary sort of thing than just a list with my random comments.

unfortunately tony christie and peter kay continue their stranglehold on the UK charts, holding on to number one for the third straight week with the Comic Relief charity single "(Is This The Way To) Amarillo". not only is this at the top of the singles chart, but Tony Christie manages to grab the top rung on both the albums chart and download chart as well. you wacky Brits need to stop with this shit, seriously. Elvis Presley knocks crooner Mario from number two with one of his stronger singles in this reissue campaign, "You're the Devil in Disguise". with Mario hanging back at number three, that leaves spot four open for Mariah Carey's latest comeback single "It's Like That". hmm, i don't think so ms. carey. it's more like, remember when you used to use your vocal range for good and not evil? yeah, i'm just not feelin' this new single. 50 Cent drops one spot to five with "Candy Shop" as pint-sized cutie Kylie Minogue scores another UK Top 10 by placing her latest, "Giving You Up", at number six. this track is an upbeat ditty from Kylie featuring yet more fantastic production, but it still pales in comparison to her last single (it's hard to top the Scissor Sisters, yo). the godawful McFly track falls to seven as Will Smith "switches" to number eight (yeah, that was really lame). Lemar hits number nine with yet another bland ballad and the ever-improving Rachel Stevens closes out the top ten with the single of the year contender "Negotiate With Love". seriously, this track is white-hot, hit up iTunes and check it for yourself.

just missing out on the top twenty is the mighty Morrissey, coming in at number eleven with a double-a side containing songs from the just released Live at Earl's Court Album. said album is surprisingly solid, as is this single's performance of Smiths' classic weeper "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out". Studio B comes in just behind Morrissey with a lame-ass attempt at "rapping" over a lame-ass attempt at "dance music". random lyrics about how hot girls are, thanks for the newsflash. no other new entries in the top twenty, but good news in that Jennifer Lopez and Nelly are both about to drop off. i don't think i could stomach another week of "Get Right" and "Over and Over". nice to see Basement Jaxx still hanging around though.

and now on to the lower half of the charts - Avril Lavigne and "He Wasn't" pop in at number 23, finding Avril back to her *cough* punky *cough* roots with a single that would be quite decent if it weren't for the annoying shouts of "Hey! Hey!" throughout the chorus. we only get a brief snippet of Dead 60's, but from what i can tell "The Last Resort" sounds like average new-wave garage rock that probably belongs at the number 24 it placed. Chicago native Twista shows up with his rapid fire delivery at number 25, but this time he spits over a slow jam featuring nice vocals from Faith Evans and an anemic acoustic sample. dammit kids, if you are gonna ride the "positive" tip please try harder. you gots ta kill that shit, and this one wasn't even maimed. those hyped to death Canadians in Arcade Fire hit a disappointing 30 with "Laika", while your mom' s favorite crooner Michael Buble lopes in at 31 with a track that probably explains the drool spot on my shirt. Estelle, who's scored recent hits with the awesome "Free" and "1980", flounders this time around with a weak shot at the haters in the world as "Go Gone" places at 32. Do Me Bad Things place at 33 with "Whats Hideous", which just may be if only the BBC would see fit to let me judge for myself by actually playing it. a very twee sounding band going by the unfortunate name of Yeti comes in at number 36 with "Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder". never lose your sense of coming up with a good band name either, whoops too late for that. the brothers Hanson bring "Lost Without Each Other" in at number 39, proving to me two very important things. the first being that, yes, they still suck; and two, "Penny and Me" earlier this year was a complete fluke (but still an enjoyable song, alright?). closing out this week's Top 40 are the romantically named Bullet For My Valentine who scream out "4 Words (To Choke On)" in that ever endearing emotional way that the kids seem to love these days.

Apr 3, 2005

np: "mr. brightside (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke remix) " - the killers

i remember absolutely hating remixes when i was younger, circa 7th and 8th grade. i was always disappointed when an artist threw a remix on the flipside of a cassingle or record. why waste the space that could be used for an unheard song with a crappy "extended" version of one i already knew? since then, of course, i've come to see how stupid i was being and i've grown to appreciate the art of the remix. in the past several months one remixer in particular has been getting lots of spins around the via//chicago homestead, one Mr. Jacques Lu Cont. he's done quite a few mixes for a wide variety of artists, under both his name and the Thin White Duke alias (and sometimes both at the same time). i first fell for his work on his "Breathe On Me" mix that appeared on the bonus disc that came with Britney's greatest hits album. but the song that pushed me over the edge is his recent re-working of one of the best pop singles of the past six months, "Mr. Brightside". this gives off an entirely different vibe than the original - slowing down the tempo and stretching things out a little bit. if the original was the pacing about the room fretting about his girl's unfaithfulness, this mix is the same guy six hours later resigned to his fate and slumped in the leather easy chair with an untouched martini dribbling out of his limp wrist. follow the link below and check it out for yourself...

The Killers - Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke remix)