Jul 12, 2004

np: "c'mon c'mon" - the von bondies

tonight's now playing brought to you by the reinstated, streaming WOXY. oh hell yes, i was really starting to miss that station. but with the exception of that news, not a whole lot new and exciting musically for me right now. kind of slowed down on the new purchases lately, but not so much that i couldn't pick up that awesome new Fall comp, 50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong, which finally allows me to bask in some of the more recent work of Mark E. Smith and the gang. i'm diggin'. as an update to the Project AZ that some of you regular readers might remember - it's still going. made my way to the 'N' section now, getting ready for a long string of NIN resulting from my college obsession with Trent. but yeah, the New Pornographers? perfect summer driving music. fo 'sheazy.

summer movie season is upon us, and i am fully slacking on seeing the hot joints as per usual. i made it out to see the surprisingly awesome Spiderman 2 last week, but i've yet to see Dodgeball, Anchorman, or Farenheit 9/11 - all high on my must-see list. it's pretty sad when both of my parents have seen the new Michael Moore movie before me, but they both highly recommended it. hearing that from my dad doesn't surprise me, as he's a huge Democrat, but my mom's usually been pretty supportive of Bush so i was a little surprised to hear her saying how much she liked it. she was fully aware of Moore's spin-doctoring, but she still says it's going to make her think twice about who to vote for in the election. and, hell, isn't that what the movie is supposed to do? i need to get out there with a quickness.