May 29, 2003

np: "seven days a week" - the sounds
i'm in love with this album right now. it's like someone threw Blondie and The Strokes in a blender, then sprinkled a little Duran Duran on the finished product. nothing fancy, nothing ground-breaking, just some good old fashioned '80s synth-pop thrown into the garage for some rockin'. definately better than The D4 or half the other groups in this wave of new bands. but on that note, i'm also enjoying the hell out of the Electric Six album right now. i don't think it's gonna last more than a couple weeks as a fun novelty type album, but it's fun as hell right now. other albums that i have to give props to right now as far as pure enjoyment... Prefuse 73, Fog, and any of the bands on the Nuggets comp. i know i'm a little late in that one, but it's a very enjoyable and worthwhile listen.
i'll really try not to bitch as much as i have been lately, but i've gotta get this last one out of my system. i had to pay almost $300 to get my car fixed today, much more than i could really afford right now. the oxygen sensors yet again. that's the thrid time so far i've had to have one or more of those replaced. and of course the dealership had to find something else to blame it on so that i'd have to pay for it. there's no reason an 18-month old car should be in the shop as much as this one has. ok, done venting for right now.
i was really hoping to go see Interpol play at a street festival here in Chicago this weekend, but i don't know if the finances are going to allow that right now. stupid car. plus i still haven't been able to talk anyone into going to the show with me. that almost worries me that i can't find any friends around here to go see Interpol with me. all my friends should want to see Interpol. i mean, it's fucking Interpol.

May 19, 2003

np: "disorder" - joy division
what a good weekend, i have to admit that much. i needed a fun one, and i definately got it. my friend Parker flew up from Atlanta to spend a few days with me, and we had such a great time. drinking, listening to music, record shopping... it was one of the most enjoyable weekends i've had in a long time. it was nothing extraordinary, but it was great to just have a laid-back kind of time with Parker. he's really a great guy and beginning to be a good friend. we hit some shops on the north side yesterday and i came across some great stuff. i found an awesome Joy Division jacket at a punk shop, for only $19. seemed like a sweet deal, and i literally had about 4 different hot girls talk to me simply because of the jacket. and you know that hot girls who know Joy Division are definately worth talking to. i also scored some cheap used vinyl to feed my fetish:

The Who - Who Are You
Stevie Wonder - Innervisions
Kiss - Rock and Roll Over

but the two best ones...
New Order - Power, Lies, and Corruption
The Smiths - The Queen is Dead

all for less that $20, i have to say it was a sweet deal. so far i'm trying to stick to picking up cheap vinyl that i don't have on cd. now i just have to work on getting a record player....

May 9, 2003

np: "jacknuggeted" - manitoba
so i'm finally all connected with the DSL in the new pad. about damn time too, i was going through internet withdrawal there for a bit. it's been a crazy couple of weeks for me with moving, work being hectic, and preparing for the wedding i'm in this saturday. i had the rehearsal and dinner for it tonight, and i have to say i am really looking forward to it. the wedding party is full of awesome people and it will be great to see Dan tie the knot.
musically... i have to admit that the Blur album has grown on me a bit since the last post. still not that amazing of an album, but better than i had initially thought. i'm really tired tonight so you get a short update, but i'll finish it off with a list of what i've been checking out lately.

The Stratford 4 - Love & Distortion
Ride - OX4: The Best of
Jets to Brazil - Perfecting Loneliness
Sahara Hotnights - C'mon Let's Pretend
Arab Strap - Monday at the Hug and Pint
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - BRMC
Manitoba - Up in Flames
Pearl Jam - Riot Act
Flaming Lips - Fight Test EP
Mogwai - Young Team