Apr 19, 2003

np: "brothers and sisters" - blur
i'm still trying to give this record a chance, because its you know - blur. but, ugh. this is the most i've been disappointed by an album in a loooooong time. did the departure of graham really hurt the band this much? i guess no one else is trying to keep damon in check anymore with his wild flights of fancy. it's not all horrible, in fact i'd be willing to say there's about an EP's worth of excellent material on it. but thats about it. i would feel much more comfortable with this being a damon solo album, but as a full-on blur album it's a huge fucking disappointment. like i said, i keep trying to give it a chance, but i ain't feelin' it. i remember not being too thrilled with 13 when i first heard it, but that one really grew on me. maybe this will someday, but i highly doubt it. oh well, i've got the new yeah yeah yeahs album queued up next, so i've got that going for me.
as for the lack of updates? sorry, it's been crazy as hell for me between work and getting ready for the move. which is just going to lead to fewer updates, since it will be about three weeks before the DSL is up and running in the new place. as for my connection now, its gone tomorrow. so this update will have to satiate my zero fans for the time being.
here's some recommendations for the week:
Manitoba - Up in Flames
Spiritualized - The Complete Works Vol. One
Stereolab - ABC Music (BBC Radio 1 Sessions)
Yo La Tengo - Summer Sun